Print Media

The research described in All in the Family (originally titled Together Again) has been featured in an impressive number of high-circulation publications. Since 2007 the book has accrued over 130 million media impressions in the newspapers and magazines listed below. These articles can be accessed by clicking the links. [The links will open in a new browser tab or window.  To return to the site, just close the new window.]


In this episode of Fox Extra, Dr. Manny and John discuss the phenomenon of multigenerational living and the book, All in the Family.


This episode of Good Morning America, focused on multigenerational living, shows three generations living together in Sunnyvale, California and features an interview with Sharon about the growing trend.



This BusinessWeek video shows three generations living together in Connecticut. John and Sharon are interviewed about the increase in multigenerational living arrangements and discuss the keys to a successful multigenerational household.