Resources for Educators

Below are resources appropriate for educators wishing to include a unit on muligenerational living in their course. The material can be covered in approximately four to six hours of classroom instruction.

Power Point Presentation

To download the power-point presentation (with notes) click here. The file is quite large and may take between 2 and 20 minutes to download. Once you’ve downloaded it please feel free to copy it to your machine and use and/or revise it as you like. To save a pdf version of this file, click here.

Suggested Readings



  • Video: see the Good Morning America segment on multigenerational living, April 20, 2007.
  • Video: see the CBS This Morning, YouTube video tour of the new multigenerational design by KB Homes. Notice the conflict in the kitchen and mention of the mother-in-law’s friends knocking on her bedroom window. Not ideal.
  • Video: see the tour of a new multigenerational design by Lennar that includes a separate kitchen and entrance – both important advantages of the designs represented in the video  just above.

Suggested Assignments:

  1. Visit and assess a local nursing home.
  2. Interview someone living in a multigenerational household. Ask about the advantages and disadvantages, the pluses and minuses of the arrangement. Ask how the housing and the house rules have been adjusted to accommodate the new proximity.
  3. Pick a local neighborhood and determine the local restrictions on multigenerational living, accessory apartments, etc. Determine how they might bechanged to allow more flexible housing arrangements.